Unfortunately, for many in Europe, the North America and beyond, the market for quality boats and yachts is lacking. For this reason, we launched Navigo, a family-owned business based out of Gdańsk, Poland. Our mission is to connect manufacturers, long-time boating enthusiasts, and those new to the sport in Europe and America. Our aim is to make the task of buying or selling a boat as simple and easy as possible. Here’s more about what we do:

Help clients find the yacht of their dreams.

Whether you’re looking to import American or European-made into Poland, or the other way around, NAVIGO as yacht broker has established relationships to help you in our search. Search our inventory online or simply contact us and our representatives can seek out a boat that matches your exact needs.

As with any important purchase, seeing is believing, so let us organize your journey to any European country, as well as help in negotiating and transporting your new boat.

Maximize the value of the boats for sale.

When parting ways with your boat, your goal is to access the best pool of buyers and maximize the return on your investment. Our vast network of connections in Europe, and the North America ensures that you’ll get.

Support the sailing community.

We’re happy to support young sailors just starting on their journey. From offering sail and motorboat training to helping aspiring acquire their first boat, we offer pro-bono services on a case-by-base basis.

To learn more, browse our online inventory, or get in touch with us today!