With NAVIGO, you can have the peace of mind of working with a partner with established connections in the boating industry. With our network of international connections, you can trust you’ll have access to a robust set of buyers. Here’s the benefit of working with us:

Maximize the value of your boat

Getting a great price for your boat means one thing: you need access to a broad range of buyers. More than that, you need partner that can match your boat with the specific needs of a buyer.

Enjoy a hassle-free transaction

Not only will NAVIGO find the right buyer for your boat, but we will help ensure a hassle-free transaction that leaves both parties satisfied

Get help with the logistics

Let us worry about the details.With expertise in boat transport, insurance, and more, we can make sure every aspect of the sale is taken care of.

Sales of a yacht or boat

  1. Acquiring customers on the Polish and European market and selected yachts on the global market through:
    • placing offers on Polish and international portals,
    • network of contacts with yacht brokers throughout Europe,
    • social media.
  2. Valuation of the yacht or boat – determining the optimal sale price.
  3. Placing a yacht or boat sale offer on our website www.navigobyy.com in Polish and English. We offer over 200 yachts for sale.
  4. Sales promotion of the yacht or boat on social media.
  5. Performing a photo and film session of a yacht or boat.
  6. Assistance in handling domestic and international sales transactions.
  7. Arranging the arrival of a domestic or foreign client for the yacht inspection.
  8. Sales negotiations – national and international.
  9. Brokerage agreement for 9 months. If the yacht is not sold during this period and we won’t get the customer to buy the yacht, the seller does not bear any costs.


In addition, we help our clients with:

  • organization of transport to the buyer,
  • obtaining financing for the purchase of a yacht – leasing, credit,
  • examination of the yacht or boat by an independent yacht inspector.

Our offers can be found on such portals as: