With Navigo, you can have the peace of mind of working with a partner with established connections in the boating industry. With our network of connections in Poland, the Netherlands, the U.S. and beyond, you can trust you’ll have access to a robust set of buyers. Here’s the benefit of working with us:

Maximize the value of your boat.

Getting a great price for your boat means one thing: you need access to a broad range of buyers. More than that, you need partner that can match your boat with the specific needs of a buyer.

Enjoy a hassle-free transaction.

Not only will Navigo find the right buyer for your boat, but we will help ensure a hassle-free transaction that leaves both parties satisfied.

Get help with the logistics.

Let us worry about the details. With expertise in boat transport, insurance, and more, we can make sure every aspect of the sale is taken care of.

Interested in listing a boat for sale? Contact us today, or send from below.