Founded in 2014 in the Polish Pomerania, the company is continuing the production of yachts and recreational boats launched in 2003. The offer includes a wide range of vessels, which can be divided into four groups: small recreational boats with traditional and electric drives, RIB type structures, sailing yachts, houseboats.

Chris Craft

Chris-Craft Corporation is a US manufacturer of recreational motor boats based in Sarasota, Florida. Chris-Craft Corporation is at least the fourth iteration of the iconic boatbuilding company. The original company, Chris-Craft Boats, was founded at the end of the 19th century by Christopher Columbus Smith (1861-1939) in Algonac, Michigan. It became famous thanks to the mahogany hulls from the 1920s to the 1950s. His successor was Chris-Craft Industries and Murray Chris-Craft.

DAS Yachts

The Polish company founded in 1988, in 1990 it was transformed into a DAS company and started as the first private shipyard after the transformation to produce series yachts. The shipyard was leaving one yacht for a week, which was inconceivable at that time. The refinement of the technology has allowed such a short time to build the yacht. From the beginning, DAS Yachts products are of very high quality and are very popular in Poland and abroad.


Works on Emzi were initiated in 2009. The first sketches were more and more optimistic, the style was similar to the assumptions and significantly raised the bar of boat construction in its class not only in Poland. In 2014, the work progressed, each element, every detail starting from the drawing was analyzed and made for the Emzi boat. Assumptions regarding the construction of the hull structure allowed for the use of more powerful engines, including engines with supercharging. Currently, you can say that Emzi has a stylish boat with a sport character in its offer.


Over the past three decades, Monterey Boats has become a true leader in designing, developing, constructing and building excellent boats for an informed maritime consumer. Monterey is an independent company run by the family. This promotes quick response to market conditions, efficient decision making and implementation, as well as a practical approach to the process of developing new products and customer relationships. When you’re buying Monterey, you’re not just a new customer, you’re considered a new family member.


From our humble beginnings on the White River in Indiana, Rinker now exports boats to more than 40 countries. As the oldest American boat brand in continuous production, they build with pride, craftsmanship and the desire to provide the best value in the sailing industry. Today, Rinker Boats has the support of Polaris Industries, the industry leader from the Fortune 500 list. The latest research and development capabilities and a mix of industry veterans cooperating with new and excited employees make the company look to the future.

White Eagle

White Eagle is a Polish brand created by two brothers – Artur and Rafał Osipowicz, engineers by profession, entrepreneurs by profession and sailors by passion! Fascinated by Yachting, they wanted to create a motor yacht to match their dreams and visions. In this way, an idea was born that would connect passion with business and turn projects into realization. The plans began to be implemented in 2015 from the organization of boat builders: investments in machinery and tools and employment of professionals. It was a priority for professionals who worked in the construction of yachts and motorboats – enthusiasts who, just as we would care about high-class craftsmanship.